Which dogs can benefit from pet dog backpacks?

pet dog backpacks for different dogs

Nearly all healthy dogs will benefit from occasionally wearing a pet dog backpack during a walk.

The following are some examples of different types of dogs that could benefit from wearing a pack. You’ll soon notice that pretty much any pet dog could benefit!

Does your pet dog wear a backpack? I’d love to hear about it! email a photo to Lindsay@ThatMutt.com and I’ll include it at the end of this post.

Dog backpacks for high-energy dogs

Those of you with high-energy dogs are probably the most likely to consider pet dog backpacks. Anything to tire out the dog, right?

A walk just doesn’t always cut it. I’m sure you’ve also tried running with your pet dog and checking out the pet dog park.

A pet dog backpack is just another option to help your pet dog burn up some physical energy. When you have a high-energy dog, you can never run out of options!

My pet dog Ace was full of energy when I first adopted him. about a week later, he was already sportin’ a pet dog backpack on our walks.

I worked 10-hour shifts at the time, and I needed multiple ways to make sure he was getting enough exercise in the mornings. I highly, highly recommend a pet dog backpack for active dogs.

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Anxious dogs should wear pet dog backpacks

My pet dog Ace had always been a little a lot more anxious than most. I worked to keep him calm through lots of training and pet dog walking over the years, but he did tend to get very ecstatic in new places.

My pet dog cried and seemed to feel anxious if he was separated from me or whoever he thought was “his” pack at the moment. God forbid we stop at a gas station and my husband goes in without us, for example! This made Ace a bit concerned!

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Dogs with lots of emotional energy can benefit from a pet dog backpack just as much as the physically high-energy dogs.

For example, my parents had two dogs that were very different as far as energy. Their springer spaniel preferred to run all day whenever possible (no surprise there). Their golden retriever, however, would rather lounge around by the people.

While Elsie the golden did not have a lot of physical energy, she had lots of emotional energy! If someone she knew checked out the house, there was a lot of crying and shaking and overall excitement from her.

Elsie was also a pet dog that was afraid of fireworks and thunder, so during the summer she felt extra anxious. She was just an anxious, emotional girl!

A pet dog backpack can be a very useful tool for draining some of the mental and emotional energy from an anxious dog. It gives the pet dog a job to do. It gives her brain something to focus on other than her source of anxiety, and it gives her a purpose.

My black lab mix Ace wore a Ruffwear pet dog backpack on his walks and now my weimaraner Remy also has a Ruffwear pack.

Dog backpacks for aggressive dogs

Aggression in dogs is often a symptom of pent-up physical or mental energy. The pet dog doesn’t get enough exercise, so he’s frustrated he can’t get to that other pet dog you pass on the walk. He wants to play, but he can’t.

This might cause him to lunge and bark on the leash. Other dogs act aggressively because they might be afraid or they could be protecting what they believe is “theirs.”

Regardless of what is causing the aggression, a pet dog backpack will often help the situation. It’s not going to be a quick fix, but it will certainly help.

The pet dog backpack will help the pet dog focus on something other than the source of his aggression. Ideally, he will focus on the task at hand – carrying his pack.

You can help set him up for success by keeping some distance from other dogs at first and satisfying him with praise or treats for calm behavior.

Bestill her.

Dogs that have trouble focusing could wear a backpack

If you have a pet dog that is easily distracted by every little thing on walks, a pet dog backpack could help him stay focused.

“Oh my gosh, grass! Oh look, a bird! Wow, this smells wonderful! Oh wow, another dog! og hva er det? A used napkin? Herregud!”

If that sounds like your pup, a pet dog backpack, could really help him get into a working mode on walks.


Dogs that pull can benefit from a backpack

The pet dog backpack is one of the most underrated tools for teaching a pet dog to heel.

My pet dog Ace didn’t know how to walk nicely on a leash when I first adopted him. We spent hours and hours working on the basics – sit, down, stay, heel.Jeg brukte mange forskjellige treningskrage, og de var alle hjelpsomme på sine egne måter. Men ryggsekken var også et flott verktøy, fordi det bremset kjæledyrhunden min. Dette gjorde det stadig så vanskelige konseptet om “hæl” mye mye lettere for min unge kjæledyrhund å forstå. Har du en kjæledyrhund som ble avlet for å trekke, spyle, spore eller løpe foran folk på noen måte? Jeg anbefaler en ryggsekk på kjæledyrhund for å holde ham “rullet inn.”

Små hunder kan bruke ryggsekker i kjæledyrhund!

Vi kjenner alle noen få små hunder med tonn og tonn energi, ikke sant? De har ofte mye mer energi enn de større gutta.

Likevel virker det som om det er mindre sannsynlig at små hunder blir inkludert i aktiviteter som fotturer, løping, ryggsekk, rulleskøyter og så videre.

Dette er synd, fordi mange små hunder trenger mye mer trening enn de får. Jeg har fostret noen få mindre hunder, og en liten pomeransk kjæledyrhund løp ved siden av sykkelen min i omtrent 2 mil hver dag. Hun elsket det!


En ryggsekk for kjæledyrhund kan være det ideelle verktøyet for en liten hund. Dette er faktisk et av de vanligste spørsmålene leserne stiller meg. “Er ryggsekker ok for små hunder?” Selvfølgelig!

Du vil utvilsomt finne en som passer til den lille hunden din, og det er ikke sikkert at du legger noen vekt til pakken. Men ryggsekker i kjæledyrhund er absolutt et flott alternativ for de små gutta.

Nesten alle hunder kan dra nytte av en ryggsekk for kjæledyrhund!

Du får sannsynligvis poenget mitt nå. Stort sett enhver sunn kjæledyrhund kan dra nytte av en ryggsekk for kjæledyrhund.

Hvis du ikke er sikker på om en pakke er ideell for hunden din, er dette alltid et spørsmål du kan ta opp med en veterinær. Føler ikke at du må legge mye vekt på pakken. Bare det å bruke den tomme pakken i seg selv er nok til at noen hunder kan føle at de har en jobb.

Hvis du vil legge til litt vekt, kan du begynne med en liten plastpose med tørr kjæledyrhundemat på hver side. Eller kanskje en lett bok.

Bærer kjæledyrhunden din en ryggsekk med kjæledyrhund?

Gi meg beskjed i kommentarene!

Del dette innlegget hvis du tror det vil hjelpe noen som har en høy energi eller engstelig kjæledyrhund som trenger en jobb.

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