Why You Shouldn’t Repeat Commands to Your pet dog

So here’s an embarrassing story for you.

I went downhill skiing for the very first time last month.

I was so terrified to try this – afraid even to walk in my ski boots before snapping on the skis. terrified to “shuffle around” on flat land, let alone an incline.

The chaotic atmosphere – people everywhere, bit youngsters wizzing by, the crackle of far-off avalanche, wintertime gear restricting me – only made things worse.

Josh as well as I subscribed for lessons, which was helpful, however it didn’t take away my fear.

I handled to comply with the basic directions (while trembling) as well as even effectively “skied” down the bunny hill about 6 times. If you can phone call the “pizza wedge” skiing.

After 2 hours, I needed a break. My mind was fried as well as my legs were tired. however we only had 45 minutes of lessons remaining, so we continued on.

The trainer kept repeating over as well as over, “Lindsay, bend your knees! Lean forward!”

And I’d try, however my strong runner’s legs were not so strong after skiing for 2 hours.

“Lindsay, bend your legs! Lene seg! Lean forward! Framover!”

She stated this lots of times, like I couldn’t hear her. Or that I was ignoring her.

But I heard her just fine! I just physically might refrain from doing what she was asking of me in that moment.

“Lean Forward!” she kept repeating.

And then I cried.

35 years old, crying at the bottom of the bunny hill in huge Sky, Mont.

I saw a few bit youngsters on skis crying that day, also. Like, actual 3- as well as 4-year-olds.

Because they had obviously likewise had enough.

Why this associates with pet dog training – never repeat a command

This has to make with pet dog training since the chaos as well as concern going on in my mind is something our dogs experience too.

Imagine you’re a pet dog as well as loud noises as well as new people make you nervous, or even afraid.

And your owner takes you on a walk downtown, to try to “socialize” you as well as assist you get over your fears.

This may be okay for short periods, however the loud traffic, the squealing kids, the other dogs – it’s all a bit much the longer you’re there.

“Heel, Bailey!” your mommy says. “Bailey, heel! HÆL!”

She’s getting frustrated with you, as well as embarrassed, as well as tugs on your collar harder.

“HÆL!” she yells, as though you can’t hear her.

But you hear her just fine.

It’s just that you just cannot walk on a loose leash in that moment.

It’s as well much to ask.

Why you shouldn’t repeat commands to your pet dog (usually)

Now, let’s be honest. Some dogs genuinely are stubborn as well as lots of of them will purposely neglect us. They all do this at least sometimes.

This publish is not about that.

This publish is about when it’s useless to repeat commands louder as well as louder when your pet dog is wildly excited, stressed, anxious or scared.

It’s difficult for a chaotic mind to focus. We’ve all been there, both dogs as well as people.

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So why is it poor to repeat commands to a dog?

It’s not necessarily “bad” however it’s most likely not going to assist with improving your dog’s training or your relationship. Here’s why:

1. Repeating commands to a pet dog is useless.

Your pet dog hears you however either she:

can’t focus or
she doesn’t comprehend what to do.

Or, worst case, she genuinely is ignoring you, which leads me to …

2. You don’t wan’t to train your pet dog to tune you out!

People tend to talk method as well much!

There was this woman in my pet dog Remy’s beginning obedience class who would stand there as well as have full conversations with her young springer spaniel.

This made the pet dog extremely confused.

We’d be working on “stay” as well as instead of just stating the one word – stay – this lady would be like:

“Now, stay there, Sammy. You stay ideal there. Ok?! Ok?! great girl, Sammy! No, don’t look at the dog. No, just stay there. enjoy me. enjoy me. great girl. great girl, Sammy! No, no, stay ideal there.”

Sammy was a great dog, however she didn’t understand what the hell she was meant to do!

3. The command is “down.” Not “down, down DOWN!”

You don’t want to inadvertently produce the routine of repeating commands. Dogs can quickly discover to wait on our third or fourth command if that’s what we do every time.

Ideally, your pet dog must listen on the very first command. We requirement to plan appropriately so our dogs are successful.

So I’m going to discuss some reasonswhy your pet dog is not “listening” to you as well as what you can do to help.

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Reasons your pet dog isn’t listening to you

1. Your pet dog is scared, anxious or overwhelmed.

Fear is a strong force! When you’re scared, your brain can get stuck as well as your body complies with accordingly. This is what occurred to me on the skiing hill.

Of course, a person’s mind as well as a dog’s mind do not work precisely the exact same way. however when a person or a pet dog is scared, all of us tend to autumn back on our fundamental instincts.

There’s no sense in repeating a command to your pet dog over as well as over if your pet dog is scared.

For example, let’s state you’re taking a beginning agility class with your pet dog as well as she’s afraid of stepping into the “tunnel” obstacle.

Your pet dog will most likely have some comprehending of what you want her to do. She sees you pointing at the tunnel. She sees that you’ve tossed some yummy pieces of beef jerky into the tunnel.

But, she’s afraid to take a step into that dark, unfamiliar item that smells like other dogs.

It doesn’t matter exactly how lots of times you repeat, “Tunnel! Tunnel, Bailey. Gå! Tunnel!”

If she’s afraid or overwhelmed, you’re going to have to discover a different approach. Maybe, shortening the tunnel or motivating her to just take a treat from directly in front of the tunnel.

2. Your pet dog is distracted.

For me, it was the goggles, the helmet, youngsters wizzing by as well as managing four “objects” at when (two poles as well as two skis) that made it tough to focus while discovering to ski.

Your pet dog might be distracted by anything: other dogs, the noise of birds, youngsters playing, web traffic on a hectic road, the wind – anything!

If she’s distracted, sure, it may assist to repeat a command a second time.

But to stand there repeating over as well as over, “Bailey, heel” or “Bailey, come” is not going to help. It’s time to take a step back as well as work on this command or idea some a lot more in less distracting environments.

3. Your pet dog needs method in lots of environments.

Just since your pet dog comprehend “sit” or “down” in a familiar atmosphere such as your own neighborhood, it doesn’t indicate she’ll understand what to perform in a new environment. This is particularly true with new commands as well as concepts.

This is difficult to envision up until you believe about it in a method that associates with you.

For example, I can undoubtedly put gas in my own cars and truck without believing about it. muscle mass memory, I suppose. This is a quite fundamental task that is relatively similar across all vehicles.

And yet, if I have to put gas in a random rental cars and truck or my parents’ car, I’m going to have to stop as well as believe about it, as well as I may even struggle a bit (I’ll absolutely struggle).

As one more example, my pet dog Remy understands the command to play dead (“bang!”) when we’re at house in our living room. However, he has difficulty doing this in nearly any type of other atmosphere (the park, a friend’s house) just since we haven’t practiced.

He’ll get there, however we have to practice.

4. You’re asking as well much of your dog.

Finally, your pet dog may not be “listening” to you since she genuinely does not comprehend what you’re asking.

We’re not always remove with our cues.

A traditional example is when somebody yells, “Down! Down, Bailey!” at their pet dog for jumping.

But doesn’t “down” normally indicate to “lie down”?

And even a lot more typical is making the assumption that our pet dog comprehends a cue or idea when truly the pet dog is still learning.

What must you do instead of repeating commands?

1. Take a step back as well as re-group. like actually step away from the distraction with your pet dog if you have to. Or, take a moment to plan much better for next time.

2. slowly boost as well as subject your pet dog to a lot more distractions as well as new things. Don’t push as well much on him at when if he’s stressed or having difficulty with even the most fundamental commands.

3. keep training sessions short – just 5 minutes or less. keep the training fun! Praise your pet dog for doing the ideal thing.

4. Make sure you’re being remove as well as consistent with what you’re asking. believe of it from your dog’s perspective.

5. break tough ideas into little steps. often ridiculously small.

6. utilize a cliCker for å markere den ideelle oppførselen. Jeg er ikke mye av en klikker treningsinstruktør, men en klikker er praktisk når du trener en ny idé, slik at du kan “markere” nøyaktig når kjæledyrhunden din gjør de bestemte vanene du ønsker. Få en klikker her.

Nå, nøyaktig hva med resten av dere?

Hva tror du om å gjenta kommandoer til en hund?

Er det forvirrende for dem? Ingen stor avtale? Har du noen gang forvirret hunden din?

La meg forstå i kommentarene!


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